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Josh Rolls-Tyson
January 6, 2017

Wordpress (WP) is still a very popular open source content management system amongst businesses, individuals and developers. It’s generally been popular for its ease of use and vast market of plugins and themes.

However, over the past few years there has been an issue of security, with many WP sites being hacked. The problem is generally due to outdated plugins, PHP security, corrupt or poorly written scripting/code and lack of maintenance. Unfortunately this is the case with hundreds of websites currently based on older versions of WP.

The WP theme and plugin market is a gift and a curse for this matter. On one side you have a vast amount of choice on great looking themes and plugins, but on the other, the source in which they have come from and been developed is often questionable. 

Using lots of plugins and not regularly updating them can lead to poor load times and vulnerability, which is very common nowadays amongst untouched WP sites. Another issue is the lack of freedom on the client-side content management system. WP was originally made for blogging, but as the CMS got more popular more generalised site themes came to market. The issue is even after all these years, the backend is still very much tailored to writing blog posts and is sometimes not logically binding to what is shown on the front end.

Many clients we’ve spoken to and worked with who own or have previously owned a WP site overtime generally have felt restricted and frustrated with their site. However, I must mention that this isn't the case if in-house developers or speedy vendors are at hand; regular updates and checks can then be made, but this option can be costly. In most cases WP sites that are developed for individuals, start-ups or SME’s are done so for a one off fee, handed over to the client and forgotten about by fast paced Developers.

Having a WP template or theme customized can tend to be a pricey project for clients. It can also be a time consuming and rigorous process - finding a reasonably priced, skilled WP Developer who will communicate efficiently and strive to deliver exactly what is needed of them. 

Throughout years of experience with WP it always seems like there is something amiss - whether it's the design, speed, bugs, compatibility, responsiveness, usability - the list goes on.

Why are we telling you this?

For the past year at Compliance Studio we’ve been looking for an alternative content management system that could compete with WP and other popular CMS’s. After many hours, days, and months of scouring the internet and rigorously testing potential contenders, we are confident that we have found the right solution for you.

What is the solution?


What is Webflow?

Webflow is an online Web App which allows Web Designers and Developers to build from scratch extensive, fully functional, motion-driven and responsive websites with options of CMS integration for independent site editors and collaborators.  

Is it safe?

If your site is built by Compliance Studio and hosted on Webflow it will be extremely safe and fast too. Webflow is very secure guaranteeing 99.9% up-time of servers offering enterprise grade reliability with its platform continuously monitored 24/7 against threats and intrusions that may affect your site. Webflow also offers the fastest hosting on the internet via their Tier 1 Content Delivery Network. 

Are there many templates and themes to choose from?

Although there is a huge library of templates and themes in the Webflow community, you shouldn’t need them. At Compliance Studio we can design your site from scratch, fully customize and tailor exactly what you imagine your site to look like. Then we can connect the Webflow CMS to your site so you have full control as an editor or collaborator.

How sophisticated is the Content Management System?

At Compliance Studio we can tailor Webflow’s CMS to exactly how you want to control your site. You will never feel locked into an inflexible template or blog-centric content structure. We can build the schema you need and bind this to any design you want. Weblfow CMS is easy to learn and at Compliance Studio we will provide top notch support and training to let you take control over your slick website.

More Notable features:

Easy Access

With Webflow CMS, there's no need to learn a complex backend. Just open your website, log in to the CMS, and start updating text and images — right on the live website. (I'm doing it right now writing this blog post!)

Review Form Submissions

Collaborators can review all form submissions from multiple forms within the CMS. The emails can also be exported into CSV format.

Marketing & SEO

Collaborators can customize all of their pages' meta titles and descriptions along with linking Open Graph Settings to Blog posts. At Compliance Studio we can tailor Webflow to give search engines everything they love; being clean semantic code, super-fast page loads, and mobile friendliness. Webflow also auto-generates XML sitemaps.  


Webflow easily integrates with Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Gmail, GoogleSheets, Salesforce and more.

What about the plugins?

Webflow comes packed with fully functional in-house coded/scripted plugins which come as default for your site to make use of including:

  • ‍Contact Form Integration
  • HTML/ CSS Sliders & Light Box
  • Google Maps / Location
  • Social Share Feature
  • HTML Embeds
  • Video Embeds
Can I migrate my old site to Webflow?

Yes. At Compliance Studio we have a number of migration techniques to pull all your data and content from WP or general SQL driven sites. You can also keep your domain as Webflow has the ability to point newly created sites at your chosen URL address.

How much does it cost?

Minus the development costs. Basic hosting with us costs just $20 a month. For a bespoke quotation for the design and development of your website, please contact us!

Additional Benefits of hosting your site with Compliance Studio & Webflow

At Compliance Studio you can always count on us for security, reliability and speedy load times through SSL certification, HTTP/2 compliance, content & SEO optimization and much more. Webflow also has Data Centres and Servers worldwide, meaning when we publish your site it will be held securely in a Content Distribution Network (CDN) powered by Fastly and Amazon Cloud Front. This ultimately means a safe site and fast page loads for all your visitors no matter where they are accessing your site geographically in the world.


To summarise, we believe WebFlow is the easiest way to have a completely customisable, responsive and modern website, which can be optimised and controlled exactly as you need it to be.
Be sure to contact us for more information. We offer a free consultation and believe we can give your site the competitive edge it needs to drive your business and services forward!

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